Email marketing

Email marketing has consistently proven to be the ultimate and reliable brand revenue driver because every dollar spent on e-mail marketing brings in $ 38, which translates into a return on investment of $ 3,800.
On the other hand, companies that use digital marketing channels such as paid advertising earn an average of $ 2 per dollar spent on such activities.
In addition, the order value on an average of emails is at least three times higher than the order value generated by social media campaigns that use corporate growth technology as a revenue-generating tool.

These data now clearly show that email marketing is far superior to most other digital marketing channels in terms of revenue generation and therefore remains strong.
If you want to increase the ROI of your email marketing and get 3,800% of the additional revenue, you need to use a proven email marketing plan that’s among the best and most award-winning Salesforce CRM alternative CRM software available for launch. You want to share these with companies and small businesses so that you can develop your email marketing strategy for the outstanding growth of your business.

1. Find the right platform for your brand

If you want to increase the ROI of email marketing, you need to choose the best email marketing service or technology solution to grow your business, such as: For example, a user-friendly CRM integrating software. Salesforce automation.

There are customer relationships management platforms such as Salesforce and countless alternative CRM solutions from Salesforce, each providing targeted users, price levels, and revenue-generating capabilities.

The following is a list of key features that you need to look for in an email platform to ensure rapid revenue and revenue growth.

– Analytics
– Automation
– Mobile optimization

Buy CRM or any other e-mail marketing platform that not only fits your budget but has all the features above to maximize your return on investment in e-mail marketing for the rapid growth of your activity.

2. Segment Your Email List

If you use easy-to-use CRM, you can use the subscriber data from your CRM database to create different segments.

Subscriber information you can segment includes:

– Age
– Sex MEN or WOMAN
– Geolocation
– Interests
– Content setting
– Transaction history

Do not be afraid to be creative as you segment your list to identify the most effective segments that can help you earn revenue for your business.

3. Use the possibilities of personalization

Sending generic emails is no longer considered a good practice today. Today it is important to send personalized messages to strengthen the commitment of each participant.

Researchers suggest that personalizing email campaigns not only helps businesses multiply transaction rates by 6 but also increases conversion and clickthrough rates by 10% and 14%, respectively.

Here is a list of items that can be customized in your email, including:

– With name
– Object
– The first name in the copy of your e-mail
– Pictures according to the gender of your subscribers

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